Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thomasville Battles the Pink Brigades

The Thomasville City Council voted 5-1 last night in favor of ask the N.C. General Assembly to allow the citizens to vote on amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The Davidson County Commission had previously considered (and defeated) a similar resolution. But the Thomasville city muthas just couldn't help themselves. Apparently someone had spotted a pink-shirted platoon of gay guerillas coming up Rte 109, some of 'em in wedding dresses!

There's a good write-up of the action in the public hearing before the vote here on NCBlue. Particularly worth lingering over are the words of citizen Barney Hill, a self-described "heterosexual Baptist," who spoke strongly AGAINST the resolution:
I hope it's legal for a heterosexual Baptist to be against this because I am ... I speak in opposition of [the resolution] ... Miss [Marie] Culbreth [City Council, Ward 2] had this one nailed: It is nothing more than a scheme to hijack the North Carolina Constitution to make a political statement about sexual preferences. I already sat through this movie one time. The resolution in front of you tonight differs in two ways from the one the County Commissioners rejected: number one, it's more long winded and number two, it doesn't say what it really means. I can excuse verbosity, but not dishonesty. I'm 56 years old and single for all that time. I don't want to marry a man and I don't want to marry a woman, I'm already married to a leaky roof the size of Texas ... and I'd like to be married to enough money to get it fixed, but I don't look to government for my salvation. I recommend for marriage ... that it be divorced from government and that it be taken out of politics ... If the secular were separated from the sacred, the demagogues would have to find a new hobby horse.

Bake that man a pie and fix his roof!

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