Monday, October 16, 2006

Kuo Vadis?

We only caught the tail-end of David Kuo's appearance last night on 60 Minutes, but is he ever in for a rude awakening about the viciousness of the mullahs! He's naive enough to think that because he's told the truth in "Tempting Faith" about the inner hypocrisy of the Bush administration, and because he's a sincere Christian and not a fake one, that an angel of the Lord will bear him up in the adversity to come. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. has posted a statement about Kuo and his book:
The sad truth is that our country's leaders, especially those in the White House, appear to use faith almost solely as a political weapon. They don't respect it. They don't care about its capacity to improve people's lives. They want power, period. And apparently, they are willing to manipulate religious voters and break the law in order to gain that power.

As Mr. Kuo said last night on 60 Minutes: "You're taking the sacred and you're making it profane. You're taking Jesus and reducing him to some precinct captain, to some get-out-the-vote guy." We would hope for more from a political party that has won election after election by claiming to be the party of faith.

Think Virginia Foxx, masquerading as a Baptist.

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