Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Republican Candidate Slips a Big One Into Johnson City

We suppose the Republican candidate in Tenn-1, David Davis, is so unbeatable in the most Republican congressional district in the known universe that he could afford to be seen on the same platform with ... Denny Hastert. Hastert got his scintillating self down to Johnson City yesterday to testify on behalf of Mr. Davis, just hours before taking an oath in the capital today to testify in the Mark Foley page-wanking scandal.

This'll go down in the annals of Dumb Political Endorsements.

Both Hastert and candidate Davis appeared nonplussed that questions about the Foley affair came up even in Johnson City, where it was assumed no one read the papers or cared about the Speaker of the House's inaction.

Candidate Davis, with no apparent appreciation of irony, told his supporters that he's proud "to be a part of a party that can stand on its virtues of faith and family."


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