Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Marie Antoinette of NC-5

Bert Gutierrez's article today on Madam Foxx in the W-S Journal is revealing on any number of counts.

We wondered where all that money she reported she was spending was actually going. It's going to buy friends and influence other Republican lawmakers, some $116.000. It's the D.C. power game. She doesn't need it for her own reelection (that's the reasoning, anyway), so she gives it away to (mainly) incumbents who do have tough races, like Charlie Taylor in NC-11.

The second part of the story focuses on her arrogance, her refusal to debate her opponent Roger Sharpe, her failure to meet in any substantive way with ordinary citizens and to answer questions in an open forum.

"It's almost as if once she got elected, she felt there's some kind of ascension to royalty, Sharpe said. "It's as if she thinks she gets to be anointed to be the decision-maker...."

That pretty much sums it up.

And do the good people of the Fifth District appreciate that kind of royal behavior? Remains to be seen.

But a letter-writer in today's W-S Journal gives one possible response to the Madam's royal hautiness: "...Virginia Foxx has made it clear for these long two years that she wants absolutely nothing to do with us. Let's all turn out to vote and show her that the feeling is mutual!"

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