Thursday, October 12, 2006

How Rove Duped the Christians

I've been sent links to Keith Obermann's report last evening (numerous times this a.m.) about David Kuo's new book, "Tempting Faith: The Inside Story of Political Seduction." Kuo's Christian credentials have been thoroughly checked by the border guards and found to be in perfect order. Plus he was second-in-command of President Bush's Office on Faith-Based Initiatives and knows the people he's spilling the beans about. (Here's Think Progress on the book, which contains an internal link to the Obermann's video.)

The beans Kuo's spilling make a big gloppy mess. "Just get me a f***ing faith-based thing. Got it?" Rove said to Kuo early in the Bush II administration, and Rove's disdain for the Christian mullahs ("the nuts") gets plenty of coverage.

We've said all along that those big-head Christian ministers -- James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Richand Land, Pat Robertson -- were being manipulated by some of the most ruthless political operatives in the history of the Republic, and Kuo's book proves it. Furthermore, the mullahs were EASY to manipulate because of their own towering egos (the pride that goeth), and El Presidente was perfectly willing to play along in making them think they were important to him, beyond the votes they could deliver.

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