Friday, October 06, 2006

Honeycutt Fesses Up

It's buried in the fourth paragraph, but Watauga County Commissioner Keith Honeycutt announces in tonight's Watauga Democrat that he WOULD HAVE voted for the county budget that contained provisions for a new high school. It's also conveyed in a paraphrase, rather than a direct quote, but we'll take it in the affirmative: "He also said he ... supported the budget as adopted."

We're glad, and we salute him...

...while pointing out that it only took several months of goading and a reporter from the Watauga Democrat to pry that out of him.

Meanwhile, we're trying to assess his candidacy anew and in light of the local party platform that he is so clearly in opposition to. Waiting, too, for his first actual vote on future school funding.

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