Monday, October 16, 2006

Melt-Down at Foxx HDQs?

We've heard from two sources now that the Madam's husband Tom was in the local Republican HDQs pitching a fit that the Watauga GOP wasn't doing enough to get his wife reelected to Congress. Behind Mr. Foxx's back, some loyal workers were suggesting that the Madam could unpack that fat million she's got squirreled away and get herself reelected. Or maybe go to hell, whichever was closer.

Today's W-S Journal contains a profile article about both Foxx and her challenger Roger Sharpe. Call it an attempted profile, since the Madam refused to cooperate. She had her spokesman curtly refer the Journal reporter to her various websites, rather than answer the newspaper's questionnaire: "Many of the questions you are asking Rep. Foxx cannot be asked of Mr. Sharpe, and due to recent dealings with the Winston-Salem Journal, we believe that these are geared toward an attack."

That whiff of Foxx arrogance wafts through the room. But we now detect the slight odor of flop sweat mixing in.

Get some dress shields, woman!

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