Sunday, May 07, 2023

The Republican Who Ran Away From Dan Bishop (Who Wants Devoutly To Be Our Next Attorney General)


Andrew Murray

It's the saddest political story. Former US Attorney Andrew Murray, who now serves as district attorney for Henderson, Polk, and Transylvania counties and who -- like, 30 minutes ago -- was considered the frontrunner Republican for Josh Stein's current job and who said he was recruited to run in 2024 by the Republican Attorneys General Association, suddenly found out that US Congressman Dan Bishop, professional jerk and insurrection-adjacent right-wing ideologue, wants to be Attorney General instead, so golden boy Andrew Murray has dropped out, saying he decided against getting involved “in a bruising primary.”

Because Dan Bishop has the character of a wharf rat and will play dirty?

What's Bishop currently famous for?

Bishop says that federal law enforcement agencies have been weaponized against Republicans and wanted to form a committee to investigate those organizations. Bishop traded his vote for Kevin McCarthy [to be Speaker] for the creation of that committee. 

He also authored House Bill 2, an infamous piece of legislation that banned transgender individuals from using public bathrooms of the gender they identify with. Instead, it forced them to use the the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate. It came in response to a Charlotte anti-discrimination ordinance. The bill cost North Carolina more than $400 million as both companies and entertainers refused to come to the state following the bill’s passage. [Danielle Battaglia]

Dan Bishop gets aroused thinking of the vengeance he can visit on his philosophical enemies as the chief prosecuting official in North Carolina, and Andrew Murray -- bless his heart -- won't lift a bruise-prone hand to save us.

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