Monday, May 22, 2023

Mark Walker Volunteers for a Suicide Mission


Mark Robinson sucks all the air out of any room he's in. He's a bulldozer salting the air with diesel fumes, which make his biggest fans a little drunk with fantasies of destruction. Robinson gets them shouting "amen!" while attacking the defenseless and promising scorched earth for Democrats, once he gets into the governor's mansion.

And now this ho-hum guy, Mark Walker, wants to go head-to-head with Robinson in the contest for the governorship. Walker's ideology -- especially on the issue of abortion -- is no different from Robinson's, so Walker intends to beat Robinson with style alone -- a former Baptist preacher who doesn't yell at people. This campaign, in other words, already has l.o.s.e.r. embroidered all over it.

Walker launched his campaign last Saturday. At a church. Where he did, in fact, preach but tried to be uplifting rather than contemptuous. AP's Gary Robertson said that a number of Black supporters were prominently featured at the launch, because Walker's "been known for his efforts to work with minority groups, particularly on funding historically Black colleges."

Robertson quoted some of Walker's rhetoric: “You’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and God created you uniquely and you have that potential and the ability to blow past any of these political elites that try to put a ceiling on the very potential that God created you to have. That’s the kind of message that we need to get into all of our communities, and that’s the kind of message that I bring to Raleigh.”

That's some loaded language that attempts to soar into the rafters -- "You're fearfully and wonderfully made" -- but who are "these political elites" (we naturally assume he means Democrats) and what exactly is the "ceiling" on your "potential." What is he talking about?

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