Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Queen of Mean


Rep. Virginia Foxx, as the Republican chair of the Education Committee in the US House, put her talons deep into President Biden's student debt forgiveness program, because let's face it, forgiveness has never been a prominent feature of Madam Foxx's core. (If President Trump had proposed student debt relief, and added government-paid free trips in his jet, with a Trump steak and all the fixins, Foxx would have absolutely drooled with abject appreciation for the spread. But Biden student debt relief is nothing but a "bailout" of unworthy cry-babies who never vote for the likes of me.

When she was in the NC Senate, she once said out loud, "The worst thing we can do is to get government involved in solving problems." During her tenure in the Senate, she was famous for dismissing voters curtly: "There's nothing I can do. Don't contact me again about this." That's a mentality I cannot grok.

Saul Friedman once remarked that Foxx seems like a benign grandma until she speaks. Then her heart reveals itself as a cold cinder of retribution. She stood in the US House and denounced the pending vote on a hate crime bill following the Matthew Shepard murder ("because he was gay"). She said the "gay" part was just "a hoax" to steamroll Congress. She belittled Shepard's death, incidentally, in front of Shepard's mother, who sat in the gallery.

"There are no Americans who don't have healthcare. Everybody in this country has access to healthcare," said Foxx on July 24, 2009, in a Capitol Hill press conference -- evidently putting the emphasis on access, meaning, we guess, that an ambulance will take you to the hospital if you're hit by a car -- but, suckers, you're gonna have to get hit by a car to get medical assistance if you're without insurance.

Remember what she did after Hurricane Katrina wiped out so many lives, so many livelihoods on the Gulf coast? On September 8, 2005, Foxx was one of only 11 members of Congress to vote against an emergency relief bill for Katrina victims. She suggested instead that people with devastated lives should pray. Meanwhile she posted helpful instructions on her congressional website for directing private-sector contractors to the federal trough. Throughout her political career, Foxx has bragged about the poverty she grew up in, but the experience evidently did not enlarge her character.

So of course she ridiculed and voted to end Biden's student debt relief ... while continuing to "serve" a Congressional district with multiple colleges and with many students going into massive debt in order to get ahead in this life. Foxx herself got ahead and was fortunate (as well as quick with the hands), but don't ask her to have sympathy for others. It's just too heavy a lift.


Wolf's Head said...

I am by no means a fan of Foxx, she needs to go and let a younger more conservative candidate not beholden to Christmas trees growers take her place.

HOWEVER, while she was in Raleigh, I did contact her office about a very real problem with the antiquated NC laws regarding a household appliance everyone has, and it was going to be banned from sale. She phoned me a few hours later and asked about the problem, then she wrote an amendment to a spending bill and got speedy passage of a fix to the state law in a few weeks. I don't want to go into further detail to protect my and my family's identities and security, but this was of great importance to homeowners, builders, tradesmen and utility companies statewide. So, she did good.

I don't know what the fuck happened to her when she went to Washington, other than she was corrupted by the most corrupting of places.

As for "Foxx was one of only 11 members of Congress to vote against an emergency relief bill for Katrina victims.", that is true, and it's because you stupid lefties passed a huge gov't giveaway with NO accountability for how funds were spent, which led to millions being fraudulently used or outright stolen instead of being used to help people who actually needed it. So, I think she was right on that one.

As for "posted helpful instructions on her congressional website for directing private-sector contractors to the federal trough." well, who else was going to rebuild the devastation? You? Do you think 'Habitat for Humanity' can rebuild a city?

SO, like JW I dislike Foxx, but for different reasons. And, surprisingly, I think we both agree she needs to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

As a lefty myself (both literally and figuratively), I was happy to vacate the State of TN despite her being here. I want to have the privilege of paying taxes here and voting against her every time until she is gone so North Carolina can have a rep who truly works for the people and not for herself.