Friday, May 19, 2023

GOP to NC: "You Ain't Seen Nuttin' Yet! Wait Until After We Win in 2024"


Minutes after the Republicans in both houses of the General Assembly successfully nullified Roy Cooper's veto of the new abortion bans, the N.C. Values Coalition, a Christian conservative group, called the new abortion restrictions “the beginning of North Carolina’s first real step towards becoming a pro-life state.”

In other words, O my Brethren, those forces that insist on controlling women's lives ain't fully baked yet, not by a long shot. Speaker Tim Moore has said already he wanted a much more restrictive 6-week ban, but bowed to the compromise the Republican caucus reached with some of its women members for the 12-week ban that passed. Rep. Keith Kidwell and the Freedom Caucus had previously backed a complete and total ban, from conception, and those are the people who'll be newly empowered if they get Mark Robinson in the governor's house in 2025, along with more of their extremist brethren in the legislature.

They expect that they'll have complete and total control because -- you'd forgotten, hadn't you? -- they still get to gerrymander anew all the seats in the General Assembly and make winning all the more impossible for Democrats.

So here's how the GOP leaders were talking and winking immediately following their successful veto override:

Tim Moore said he had wanted the 6-week ban, but what passed was pretty much all that could get passed at this time, he admitted (because of the women). "We won't be introducing any more abortion legislation until after the 2024 elections," he said. “[But] I can’t say what’ll happen two years, four years, 10 years from now.”

Phil Berger was more direct: “Who knows who's going to be in the General Assembly after the next election? There may be members that want to push it further on the restrictive side." Berger quickly added, as though he wanted someone to think he's balanced: "There may [also] be members who want to increase the window for the elective [procedure].” Who knows? 

Well, Mr. Berger, I think we know there's no chance under God's cloudy skies that Republican electeds in the state of NC are ever gonna loosen those chains, not voluntarily.

“Make no mistake — this is only the beginning,” Attorney General Josh Stein said. He'll be running for governor against the very scary Mark Robinson.

Vote or die, folks.


Red Hornet said...

Attorney General JOSH Stein, you mean?

J.W. Williamson said...

Corrected, Red Hornet. Thanks!