Monday, May 15, 2023

Gov. Cooper Gooses the Abortion Issue


Big crowd turned out in Raleigh Saturday morning to rally for abortion rights, as Goveror Roy Cooper publicly and with a flourish, stamped VETO on the newest Republican effort to limit the rights of women.

Governor Cooper now has a new responsibility since former Democrat Tricia Cotham did what she did, changed her stripes and her core beliefs and became the veto-overturn vote in the NC House. Cooper has to awaken and energize the Democratic base on the current crisis, that Republicans intend to chip away at women's health care options in a rushed process, because they fear the opposition of the voters and yet cannot resist the extremists in their own base.

Up next (and you can count on it!) -- the Republicans begin enacting new rules to disallow the voting of as many young people as they can -- disallow or at least discourage.

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