Tuesday, May 09, 2023

The Inevitable Return of the Bad Penny


After pleading guilty last Friday to bringing a loaded gun into Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, former Congressman Madison Cawthorn had only cheerful, upbeat things to say about his likely future in politics, at which no one was heard to shout "Amen!"

“I enjoy the position I’m in now,” Cawthorn said, meaning rich and well supplied with expensive cigars.

Cawthorn added, “The world really is the oyster for the young. I think I’ll return to politics one day. I love the country too much to sit on the sidelines forever. You need to get involved in politics or be destined to be ruled by lesser men,” 

Anyone who manages to get "lesser" than Cawthorn is truly a contortionist. And he doesn't know when to shut up.

He’s leaving the decision about getting back into politics “up to just whatever God has intended for me. I’m an ardent follower of Christ, so wherever he leads me, I’m happy to go. I’m happy to answer the call whenever.”

People who talk about being called by God usually have a downward trajectory.

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