Tuesday, May 30, 2023



Wolf's Head said...

Outrage against what?

Anonymous said...

Minoritarian rule, voter suppression, erosion of women's health care, come to mind.

Wolf's Head said...

Republicans have a majority in both houses. Majority rule. Maybe y'all shouldn't have threatened Tricia Cotham and her children and chased her to the repubs.

Voter ID is hardly voter suppression, its voter VERIFICATION.

I assume you mean limits on abortion are eroding women's healthcare? Think of it a prenatal care instead. See, totally changes the argument.

Seems to me this series of events is akin to three-year-olds throwing themselves on the floor and having tantrums because they couldn't have a cookie or had to eat broccoli.

Dems could have kept the veto proof majority, but you all f**ked it up.

Do you all really think these public hissy fits are going to change voter's minds, or the minds of the legislators? (Assuming they have one)