Sunday, June 26, 2022

The NCGOP Has an Itch It Intends To Scratch


The natural born bully who wants to be the next governor of North Carolina, so he can sign a law mandating pregnancy for any woman loose enough to get pregnant -- I'm talking about Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, yes. You think he ain't dancing a jig over the 6-3 Supreme Court vote to axe Roe? He can't wait. “I am overjoyed with the decision by our Supreme Court," said Robinson. "For decades we have been praying for a day like today, and it is finally here."

He quickly added -- probably because he knows that we all know now --"I have experienced the pain of abortion in my own life and know the long-term effects it can have on families." Because a comment he had made on social media in 2012 -- long before he knew the pleasures of tickling the prejudices of white men -- amounted to an admission that he had paid for an abortion for his then girlfriend over three decades earlier. “I’m not saying abortion is wrong cause I said so it’s wrong cause God says so. It’s wrong when others do it and it was wrong when I paid for it to be done to my unborn child in 1989.”

Maybe Robinson had been talking directly to God, and vice versa -- I won't argue it couldn't happen -- but he's making it up that The Word of God, the Bible, says even one word against abortion. That's number one. The mandate-pregnancy crowd is forever projecting their ideology onto Scripture and assuming that God would have said it if He hadn't been busy that day. Number two: The complete erasure of Yolanda Hill as another player in the drama and the decision at the time -- if she actually had a voice in the decision -- makes Robinson's "regret" look like a cover for just more bullying.

You cannot escape the psycho-sexual needs of men to control the bodies of their women. Now, with the celestial reasoning of Samuel Alito behind it, the psycho-sexual component expands to include tacit exploitation of those bodies to insure a steady new cohort of workers. That's been one of the arguments, that an absolute ban on abortion will insure a steady supply of babies to grow up and do the work and pay the taxes. And incidentally guarantee the supposed survival of the white race. (Peace to you, Mark Robinson.)

NC House Speaker Tim Moore, after the Roe decision, indicated that when Republicans achieve veto-proof majorities in the two houses of the General Assembly -- they only need three more seats in the House and two in the Senate -- they'll be delighted to follow their leaders over the cliff of no abortion. Even before that, with no veto leverage, Moore promised they won't wait to do their worst: “North Carolinians can also expect pro-life protections to be a top priority of the legislature when we return to our normal legislative session in January” (emphasis added). They'll think of ways to chip around the edges. And they might get help from a handful of anti-abortion Democrats, which will be followed by bad moments for everyone.

But Republicans won't have the support of a majority of the women of North Carolina. The most recent polling I've seen, completed during the second week of June, solicited reactions to the following statement: "The Supreme Court of the United States should overturn Roe v. Wade." Some 8% of women responded "somewhat disagree," but 41% strongly disagreed. Those numbers versus the 27% of women who strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement. Women who want to protect Roe included a substantial portion of Republicans: "Of the 1,100 North Carolina residents polled, 33% identified as Republican, 29% identified as Democrat and 32% identified as independent."

One other problem (but an opportunity for Democratic outreach) ... the disturbing 24% of polled women who said they were "Not sure" about ending Roe. That's almost a quarter of the state's women who seem weirdly detached from the realities, and that has to change.


Anonymous said...

I am conflicted about all of this.

While I believe that abortion is murder, it is very satisfying to watch my enemies murder their own children in what appears to be a near satanic fervor.

Sort of a self-correcting problem as it were.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the christ centered part of you will insure that satan will be kept at bay by providing child care, a living wage and, health care. A small price to end all of the murder and soothe your personal conflict.

A christian shouldn't enjoy watching the murder of it's enemies children as some sort of moral correction.

Wolf's Head said...

Interesting you are more concerned about my enjoying the left killing their own children than the actual killing of those children by their own mother. How Christian is that?

I remember when families didn't need child care, because they could live a good life on the income of one parent. That parent could have a career with a retirement, own a home, have a decent car, put his kids through public schools without them being turned into gender confused commies, and afford to take them to the doctor when they needed it.

Kids could work their way through college without being a burden on their parents, and graduate with an ACTUAL USEFUL DEGREE in something like engineering or medicine without being 100K in debt for a degree in 'women's studies' or 'social equity'.

Who changed that with their taxes, their regulations, their bloated bureaucracy, their inflation? Both political parties are to blame.

Health care? I remember my $115 a month premium shooting up to over ONE THOUSAND A MONTH thanks to the democrats. I saw many tradesmen I worked with shut their businesses down and take any piss poor paying job they could to get the health insurance they could no longer afford thanks to obamacare. Very Christian of you.

I do enjoy watching the left self destruct. Killing their own offspring, removing themselves from the gene pool by taking up the homosexual lifestyle, killing themselves with drugs and supporting violence and murder in their cities.

Perhaps the recent court rulings will accelerate the separating of society into red and blue. Migration out of blue states into red is increasing, but until now many of them were leftist voters fleeing the results of their own ideology to someplace sane.

But with renewed freedom of self defense and religion, and the curbing of abortion, maybe those folks will head to places like Colorado or Idaho.

And besides, why do you think I'm Christian? If Pelosi can support baby murder and still receive communion, I don't know why anyone would want to be a christian.

Anonymous said...

Gay folks are the ones adopting the babies.

Now you can take "homosexual lifestyle" off of your bigotry list.

Wolf's Head said...

Are they? Well good for them.

But they are still removing themselves from the gene pool.

And if they're adopting so many babies, why so many abortions? Only 63 million or so since Roe v Wade back in the 70's.

Why, that's 10 times the number of Jews killed by Hitler.

Guess there's not that much adopting going on as you think.

Anonymous said...


Wolf's Head said...

Well, are there millions of gay couple adoptions or not?

Just looking for some facts rather than assumptions.