Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Local Bill H193 Is Kaput


Ray Pickett

Issued before 9 a.m. this morning, this bottomline news: Watauga County Commission requests the shelving of that special legislation introduced by Rep. Ray Pickett and will follow the town's UDO in the building of a parking garage, a facility that both parties believe is needed.

Here's the money in the last paragraph:

We have reached a consensus so that the local law will be withdrawn, litigation can be avoided, and consideration of the County’s parking garage project can move forward as speedily as possible consistent with the Town’s development ordinance.



Anonymous said...

Fix the ETJ next.

Anonymous said...

That'll take Deanna Ballard and Ray Pickett filing a local bill before Deanna leaves office.

Anonymous said...

Dan Soucek bought residential homes near him and turned them into rentals once they were out of the ETJ and city zoning rules. He personally profited from this. He left the legislature under a cloud of financial irregularities concerning his expenses. The old newspaper articles are still online.