Monday, June 11, 2018

Voter ID Requirement Coming to Your Ballot This Fall

Tim Moore
NC House Speaker Tim Moore is the lead sponsor of a bill to put the question to voters in November: Don't you really think the state should require photo identification from voters, given all those illegals being bussed into polling places everywhere?

It's a political move, obviously, meant to gin up some enthusiasm among Republican voters by raising the specter once again of The Wrong People voting.

Thomas Mills warns that Democrats better not make a campaign issue of a voter identification constitutional amendment, for it will pass, and opposing it will only stir up the other side. Thomas Mills is probably right, especially about the likelihood that the voters will fall for a sham based on fraudulent rumors about voter fraud. Dunno about the other part of his warning, but it makes sense.

And here's the thing: If the amendment did pass in November, the next General Assembly would be tasked with writing the rules, and if Democrats keep their eyes on the prize and break the Republican super-majority, then Democrats will be in a position to influence those rules.

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