Saturday, June 30, 2018

NC GOP Tries To Excite Its Base By Knee-Capping the State Constitution

Who's responsible? Your local Republican reps in Raleigh.
In our case ... Jonathan Jordan and Deanna Ballard.
They take action against us. We can take action against them.
When you care enough to monkey with our foundational document to keep your power...

This is a rundown of the six constitutional amendments the Republicans in the General Assembly are adding to your fall ballot:
Voter ID (H1092) -- The "Make It Harder for People To Vote Act" will require voters to present photo identification to vote. And trust the Overlords: they won't set the rules for which photo IDs will qualify until after the election, but be assured: Your college ID won't be one of them
Income tax rate cap/TABOR (S75) -- Sets a 7 percent cap on income tax. "TABOR" stands for "Taxpayer Bill of Rights." The only state that has enacted this bad idea was Colorado, which had to repeal parts of it in 2005 in order to provide basic state services. Who wants this? Rich people. Who will it benefit? Rich people.
Judicial vacancies (S814)-- Allows the Overlords in the General Assembly to appoint who would fill judicial vacancies rather than the Governor. Because justice.
Bipartisan Ethics and Elections Enforcement (H913) -- Allows the NCGA to choose the members of the Bipartisan Ethics and Elections Enforcement board rather than the Governor, along with members of all other state boards and commissions. Trust them! They just want the "most efficient" elections possible.
Hunting and fishing (S677) -- Preserves the right to hunt and fish via the state constitution. What? You didn't know the Commies were planning to limit hunting and fishing?
Strengthening Victims’ Rights/Marsy’s Law (H551) -- Adds legal rights to victims of felony crimes
I intend to vote against every last one of these unnecessary provocations.

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