Monday, August 15, 2016

Aceto Adjourns the BOE Meeting with No Plan

The Watauga Board of Elections meeting was adjourned hastily and amid audience boos, with Aceto saying "we have no plan."

Magic words, those, because without an official plan, Aceto/Eggers/Owen intend to "default" (another magic word) to Early Voting in the Board of Elections office only. In other words, they're going for exactly what I predicted they were going for this morning ... next post down-column.

Will the State Board of Elections allow this to stand? Or will they adopt the reasonable, rational, and workable Early Voting plan submitted by Stella Anderson at this evening's meeting? Will the SBOE once again save the voters of Watauga County?

Don't look for "color" commentary on the action right now. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Why can't Stella Campbell's plan be submitted - does it need to be seconded prior to submission?

The Watauga County Republicans can't stand on their policies - so they have to suppress the vote. DO WHAT YOU CAN TO VOTE OUT THESE PEOPLE IN NOVEMBER!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aceto certainly lectured the voters in attendance a lot about "respect"....while showing absolutely none to either the voters, or to the democratic process. It will be interesting to see how he plans to vote thousands of voters in November in the tiny room adjacent to the Board of Elections office, which is theoretically what any county that adjourns without a voting plan has de facto decided to do.

I hope the voting Rights Task Force sues, not just the local and state Boards of Election, but Mr. Aceto PERSONALLY. His personal vendetta against voting by students and working people is nauseating.