Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Bob Heltman, wearing the red vest
Send this child to camp!

Bob Heltman, chair of the Henderson County Board of Elections, wanted to have armed citizen posses patrolling voting precincts in the county where he's supposed to be insuring open, fair, and non-partisan elections.

Bob Heltman even asked the Henderson County sheriff if they couldn't mount an overland assault team, or "posse comitatus" for those of you schooled in both Latin and far-right conspiracy theories.

He said at an open meeting of the Henderson County Board of Elections that he was worried about "terrorism." We think he meant he was worried about too many brown people voting for Democrats.

If the Henderson County sheriff had an opinion, it isn't memorialized.

Mr. Heltman said he had dropped the idea because there just wasn't enough time to train all those armed men. Plus there was also the matter of voter intimidation. Who knew that guns at polls could make a bad impression?

Someone in authority in the Henderson County Republican Party might want to get the blood flow to Mr. Heltman's brain checked.

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