Thursday, December 17, 2015

The "Franklin Graham Seat" in the NC General Assembly

Deanna Ballard
Sen. Dan Soucek was Franklin Graham's boy in the NC Senate. Soucek had a job with Samaritan's Purse and did Graham's bidding in Raleigh, including the introduction of the anti-gay marriage Amendment One (subsequently overturned in court).

Soucek pulled a fast one today, suddenly withdrawing from a reelection run. Within minutes of that announcement, Deanna Ballard, "Director of the Office of the President/CEO at Samaritan's Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association," filed for the office. We know Franklin Graham will underwrite her campaign.

Why did Soucek file in the first place, when his replacement candidate was clearly lined up and ready for lift-off?

One good reason: To prevent Soucek's 2014 Republican primary opponent for the Senate seat, George Robinson of Caldwell County, from filing for the seat. Robinson had been appointed to a vacant seat in the NC House and had already filed to run for election. Now it's too late for him to mess up Franklin Graham's grand plan to keep a willing puppet in the NC Senate.

Too cute by half.


Oh Suzannah said...

Now that explains everything! So in addition to being a Christian Right tool, Soucek is a lying little weasel, playing games with the Board of Elections. Only one thing left to do: Vote Art Sherwood for NC Senate!

Anonymous said...

Unless she's complicit in these shenanigans -- which is a real possibility, given her track record as Watauga County Republican Chair -- Anne-Marie Yates ought to be mighty pissed at what Soucek did. There are probably regular Republican Party members in Watauga, people much more involved in the Party than Ms. Ballard has ever been, who would like to run for that seat. Nathan Miller? David Blust? Anne-Marie's own husband, Perry Yates? Why turn this over to a complete unknown just because Franklin Graham has anointed her with holy oil?

Red in Laurel Creek said...

Anon, you left out the most likely Republican to run for this seat ... one Jonathan Jordan! But Soucek prevented his changing over by delaying until the deadline for changing had past. If I were Jordan, I would be royally pissed off.

Anonymous said...

"Do unto others."

Anonymous said...

I don't pretend to know the rules, but wouldn't it be kosher for someone to withdraw their candidacy from one race in order to enter a different one? What would prevent Yates (or anyone else who may have already filed) from withdrawing from one race and filing instead for the NC Senate?

(PS Word around the courthouse is that Nathan Miller will file next Monday)

Anonymous said...

If you were already filed you had to withdrawal by Tuesday. After that time you can't. That's why Jonathan Jordan, George Robinson, or even little old me couldn't change. The deadline for withdrawal had just passed locking out people that had already filed. It definitely seems like a tactical move by Dan Soucek. Nothing illegal, but definitely not by accident.

Lew Hendricks

drano said...

This blog entry makes for a terrific cartoon. Thanks
(wish I knew how to post just the cartoon)

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody stops their hate agendas. I prey everyday graham and his brain washed deciples will realize their not carrying out gods will, they are trying to get into politics to control and discriminate or even better, they get someone to run for them. Gods people aren't suppose to be involved in agendas against people. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing trying to turn you against one another because a person may live a different lifestyle or be a different color or theyre less fortunate.Makes no sense. I love Gods true people, theyre not like this.