Saturday, December 05, 2015

Memorable Sayings By Our State Senator

"I have a finite amount of time, and the more time I spend on things is the less time I spend on other things.”

--Senator Dan Soucek (R-Dist. 45), explaining why he didn't follow North Carolina campaign finance reporting rules

Meanwhile, from our inept and incompetent State Board of Elections, on why it is 20 years behind on auditing campaign finance reports and on why Soucek will probably never be disciplined for skimming money for personal uses: State Board of Elections Director Kim Strach told the N&O that a backlog in report audits means that campaign committees can go years without being audited.

Soucek admitted that he's been doing the things that he's been doing, rather than those other things that take time from the other things, since his first election in 2010.


Anonymous said...

It's okay for Soucek to violate the law. He's a Republican and self-proclaimed Christian so his heart is surely pure. Anyway, Franklin Graham can certainly absolve him of his sins.

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