Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Franklin Graham's Hand-Picket Candidate Will Have a Primary

Ken Bohum
Surprise! Not every Republican is willing to bow down to what Franklin Graham wants in the way of a senator representing Dist. 45 in the NC General Assembly.

Deanna Ballard, a Samaritan's Purse employee beholden to Franklin Graham, filed for the Dan Soucek Senate seat minutes after Dan Soucek, a Samaritan's Purse employee beholden to Franklin Graham, withdrew from the race.

Nearly at the last minute yesterday, Ken Bohum, the long-time and now retiring president of Caldwell Community College, filed for the same seat and will trigger a Republican primary with Ballard on March 15.

We consider the Bohum candidacy a sign of two things: (1) Caldwell County, which contains around 40% of the primary voters in Dist. 45, intends to vie with Watauga County for the privilege of having a representative in the NC Senate.

(2) Soucek's sorry and downright disgraceful voting record on education gets a new comeuppance with Bohun's filing.


Dem12 said...

His name is BoHAM, not Bohum!

Anonymous said...

I like Ken a great deal....I know him only by reputation, but his reputation is stellar. Ballard theoretically has a good resume, but nobody local has ever seen her. She's never been involved in anything IN Watauga County or FOR Watauga County, and that carries a lot of weight with me. 2 of my kids went to CCC&TI, and I think a lot of the man who ran that school - my kids got a lot of education for their money.