Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Memo Shows That McCrory Was Pulling Strings All Along for His Big Donor

McCrory & Keith Sr.
Graeme Keith Sr.'s private state contract to do prison maintenance got more push from Governor McCrory than has been previously known.

It wasn't known previously because page 2 of a memo written by a high-ranking prison system official got mysteriously left out of a public records request at the end of October. The missing page 2 of a memo written in January of 2015 by Joe Prater, a deputy commissioner in the Division of Correction, suddenly showed up in a subsequent public records request put in by the Raleigh News&Observer. Oops.

Page 2 of that now notorious document was Joe Prater's c.y.a. memorialization of conversations he had with prisons director Frank Perry in which Perry revealed that The Guv had leaned on him a good deal more than was previously known to give Graeme Keith's company a contract extension because he was a friend and -- more importantly -- a major donor to The Guv's campaign.

The McCrory cronyism and pay-to-play web just gets tighter.

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