Monday, December 14, 2015

McCrory Gives Us a New "Brand"

To which, a graphics designer responded in The Independent:
"If we are to seriously consider this video, it must be critiqued as the propaganda it plainly is. The video communicates that if you are reasonably wealthy, you can claim '[the view] from the windows of an executive suite,' the pleasures of water sports, and the beautiful pottery from Seagrove. This is a political vehicle meant to broadcast a political agenda: 'Come on in, the water's fine!' whitewashing the fact that for so many North Carolinians, the water is swarming with sharks aggressively and systematically tearing limbs from our education system, social services, environmental and public programs. The depictions of African-Americans are: a man reviewing paperwork, a street busker and an African-American man and child looking at a caged African animal. ... The 'Nothing Compares' tagline is likewise sourced from a bin of stock phrases generic enough to apply to any state, town or dry cleaning establishment. It has, in fact, previously been used by a ski resort in Australia, a tourism campaign for Egypt and a Cuban rum...."
At some considerable public expense, The Guv gifted every state worker with a "Nothing Compares" lapel pin.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, 'Nothing Compares' alright...that's an understatement.