Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Franklin Graham Quits the Republican Party

Someone should send the Party a sympathy card.

Franklin Graham's snit-fit is all over the funding of Planned Parenthood, about which Graham reportedly got linguistically vivid on his Facebook page.

But what about Graham's local puppet, Republican Deanna Ballard, for whose benefit Sen. Dan Soucek engineered a fast one and withdrew from the race last week? Is Deanna Ballard now a political orphan? Is Franklin suggesting that he'll step back from that local race because the Republican Party disgusts him?

No. He's not saying that. The man's not a fool. He's a power broker, and he needs his person in the Senate in Raleigh.

Not a fool but consistently bent in strange directions. He praised the narcissistic tyrant Vladimir Putin (granted, he praised him for persecuting gays), and he says he really really likes the narcissistic Donald Trump. Does Franklin Graham know that Donald Trump was pro-choice all his life? Oh, he says now that he's pro-life, but Donald also says he reads the Bible and that all of it is his favorite. Trump is also pretty squishy about gay rights.

Maybe Donald Trump is a fool after all. He's certainly his own species of narcissist.


Democratus Rex said...

What's a mountebank to do?

Anonymous said...

It depends upon which mountebank you are referring to.