Thursday, June 04, 2015

Gov. Pat McCrory: Ineffectual and Dishonest

Took no time whatsoever for both houses of the NC General Assembly to override their own Republican governor and pass "Ag-Gag," which will penalize corporate whistle-blowers. Gov. McCrory can't even find a handful from his own party to back him up. If he's not the very model of a paper tiger, he'll do until a better one comes along.

Now we fully expect the General Assembly Republicans to override that other McCrory veto of the "magistrate recusal" law, aimed at shielding duly sworn public servants from doing their jobs if it might mean getting The Gay on themselves.

So ... ineffectual. But dishonest too?

Yes. McCrory promised during his campaign for governor in 2012 that he would do nothing to further block access to abortion, and yet he's announced that he will sign the bill now on his desk that will not only increase the waiting period for an abortion but will also triple that waiting time. He wants to claim that tripling the waiting period is not in any way blocking access.

Why is this man chortling?

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