Friday, February 15, 2008

Virginia Foxx Makes The Daily Show

You have to work hard to rise in foolishness sufficient to warrant inclusion on Jon Stewart's Daily Show (and they didn't even use Foxx's giant poster stunt and her judicious evaluation of Roger Clemens' body). You can watch the segment that Foxx became a part of here (Foxx appears around about 6 mins. in). (If that link doesn't work, you can always go here and click on "Roger Doger.")

As Stewart says, Congress (meaning the Republican members of this committee) "found a way to turn a steroid hearing into a partisan affair."

According to Stewart, Roger Clemens looked like a liar. According to our own eyes, Foxx looked like a national laughing-stock and a toady.

It's getting durn hard to stay up with all the negative national attention Madam Foxx has gotten from her Roger Clemens moment, but here's another round-up of some comment we missed yesterday.

This writer mentions that Foxx met with Clemens privately the day before the hearing. We knew about the meeting, that it was obviously a chance for her to rehearse her grandstanding with the object of her affection, but we had not been able to find a net source (other than a photograph of Clemens in the House Office Bldg. hallway, on his way to Foxx's office).

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