Friday, February 01, 2008

Preacher Teacher

Al Gore was preaching to several thousand Baptists yesterday in Atlanta at the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, the gathering organized by former President Jimmy Carter to give new direction to fragmented Baptists nationally (and to provide an alternative to the Southern Baptist Convention). Gore spoke about creation care, particularly the threat of global warming:
"Too many in the faith community, too many of those who call ourselves Baptists, too many spokespersons who don't speak for me but claim to speak for me, have said global warming is not real. This is just a myth .... When did people of faith get so locked into a ideological coalition that they have got to go along with the wealthiest and most powerful who don't want to see change of the kind that is aimed at helping people and protecting God's green Earth?"

The N&O's reporter at the meeting in Atlanta focused on a college student at Campbell University, Sarah McCoy, under the headline "Young Baptists Are Going Green: Environment Is Their New Priority."

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