Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mysteries of the Ron Paul Revolution

It's astounding news: Republican candidate Ron Paul raised more in the last quarter of '07 than John McCain and Mitt Romney did, combined.

Now if he could only get a clue about how to spend it.

But he has been spending, you say, and you would be right. According to federal finance reports, he's raised $28 million and spent already $20 million. On what, one wonders. Gold bullion? He hasn't bought any TV time to speak of (though who knows what's on the air in Super Tuesday states). Even the famous blimp, he didn't pay for himself. Yard signs? Yeah, that's the ticket! Yard signs! Like the ones that showed up in Watauga County, irrationally as well as illegally, months ago in 2007.

What has $20 million done? Well, at least there are the bragging rights that Paul has six delegates to Rudy Giuliani's two! That's economy for you.

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