Friday, February 29, 2008

Gonna Need a New Frock for This!

Get out your high-heel sneakers!

Got our invitation last night to the joint Virginia Foxx/Liddy Dole fundraiser at the Cross Creek Country Club in Mount Airy on March 19th (Prayer Meeting night, but what's ideological devotion without a few sacrifices?).

(Okay, we didn't exactly receive the invitation ourselves, so much as we got it forwarded from an actual invitee, who knew how much we'd enjoy the experience, vicariously.)

Anyway, the invitation says we can sign on as a "host" for $2,000 and get our mugs photographed with the Grande Dames Themselves, or pay $1,000 as a "co-host" (no photo op offered), or we can fork over as little as $125 for the "general reception" to be one of a cast of thousands of panic-stricken extras trying to get at the cold luncheon meats.

How much are we willing to pay to be so near such transcendence?

Oh, almost forgot the icing on the cake, as it were, the Viagra in our seltzer: Special Guest, Senator Robert Dole.

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