Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Marsha Walpole for School Board

The first candidate (that we know of) for the Watauga County Board of Education has stepped forward. Marsha Walpole and her husband Matt are rare-book dealers who used to run Row by Row Bookshop in downtown Boone. She released this statement this afternoon:
Today I am announcing my candidacy and filing for a seat on the Watauga Board of Education.

We have a good school system in Watauga County, and with the new high school currently being built we have a good foundation for our future. But there is still work to be done to prepare our children for a 21st century economy. We can not rest until we have unlocked the potential of every child in the Watauga County School system.

I am married to Matthew Walpole, and we have one son, Chandler, who has been a student in Watauga County since second grade. I have a BS in Botany and have completed the Effective Teacher Training course that some North Carolina counties require for substitute, returning and lateral entry teachers. I was a member of the Cove Creek Elementary PTSO for 3 years, and I have volunteered for almost 3 years with Friends of Watauga. I have had the privilege of working with the children of Watauga County as a Cub Scout and Girl Scout Leader. I also volunteer with Gardens for Humanity.

- Although our drop-out rate in Watauga County is much better than the state average, I believe that we can come up with innovative plans to assure that all our children graduate from high school.

- With many of our fine teachers nearing retirement age, I feel that we need to be proactive in recruiting and retaining good teachers in our county. The cost of living in our county is high, and we need to make sure that young teachers are able to live here.

- I want to improve school climate so that every child is in an environment conducive to learning.

- I want to explore ways that the board can be more efficient and effective.

- I want to cultivate new partnerships with business and community groups to enhance educational opportunities.

- I want to expand communication efforts to raise community awareness and parental involvement.

- Working with county and town elected officials, I want to develop a long-range vision for the future that captures the passion of everyone in our school system.

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Anonymous said...

There are some high sch students....(just yesterday) some of us witnessed, bashing /beating on other students for standing for what they believe in. I do hope raising awareness of less bullying attitudes and more individuality and respect for others opinions....becomes a priority on someones list. Just because I was a big girl, everyone wanted to fight me in jr. They didn't even consider that I am passive. I never even thought in the form of inflicting pain upon another person.