Monday, February 25, 2008

"Undisciplined Messaging"

News leaks this a.m. at that big-wig Republicans are hurriedly trying to figure out how to run against Obama and/or Clinton without falling into racist and/or sexist language/jokes/prejudices ... since, you know, the national Republican party has something of an image problem in those particular areas. "GOP operatives have already coined a term for clumsy rhetoric: 'undisciplined messaging.' "

So the party is circulating a PowerPoint presentation to its party leaders and operatives, urging them to exercise caution in the way they go after the likely Democratic nominee this year.

Too late ... as it turns out, for the leading Republican voice in Watauga County, where messaging like this about Obama (get a load of that picture, meant to represent exactly WHAT about Obama?) and this about Clinton (or about that portion of the human race "afflicted by estrogen").

Winning hearts and minds on the local level!

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