Tuesday, February 05, 2008

GOP Congressional Candidates Behind in Fundraising

Politico.com is reporting this a.m. that Congressional Republicans in several swing districts are lagging far behind in fundraising, while their Democratic opponents in "targeted districts" are forging ahead. "Targeted" in this instance means by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

"A senior aide to a prominent House Republican requested anonymity to explain the significance of this fundraising downturn. 'You're going to see all these members in tough shape,' the aide said."

Those Republican House members considered to be in danger do not include either Madam Virginia Foxx nor little Patty McHenry, as neither the NC-5 nor the NC-10 have yet to be targeted by the DCCC. But both Roy Carter and Daniel Johnson, the first Democratic candidates to announce against the incumbents in those districts, are doing well in both fundraising and in name recognition. Carter was very competitive in the first round of the Democracy for America "all stars" voting, in which supporters register on the DFA site and voice support. The "all stars" program is meant to reward Congressional challengers who can demonstrate a wide and intense following.

Politico also reports this: "These latest fundraising numbers, combined with a raft of Republican retirements, explain why many top Republicans are bracing for the possibility of losses in November that could stretch into double digits."

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