Thursday, September 27, 2007

We Gotcha Book-Marked, My Brethren!

Heads up. A new blog, "Revolution in Jesusland," reaches out to the progressive community. These dudes are speaking of solidarity -- whaaa? -- of solidarity on issues that matter, coming from "the diverse and complex world of evangelical Christianity" and offering a loaf of bread, NOT a scorpion, to us damned-to-deepest-ranks-of-hell Democratic activists.

So is this the sound of the morning of Christ's nativity, or mere whistling in the charnel house?
...there is an incredibly large and beautiful social movement exploding among evangelicals right now that stands for nearly all of the same causes and goals that secular progressives do. Those goals include: eliminating poverty, saving the environment, promoting justice and equality along racial, gender and class lines and for immigrants -- and even separation of church and state.

You had us at "eliminating poverty."

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