Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of Water Shortages and Fantasy Lands

While our local PAC-MEN continue to peddle the hogwash that our water shortage is, in their words, a "myth," the drought and its accompanying water-supply problems continue to roll through the state.

Charlotte is in the process of enacting its "harshest water restrictions ever," and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has instituted mandatory water restrictions, and the city of Fayetteville is begging for stepped-up conservation. Just a few of the scores of examples we've seen.

Meanwhile, at an invitation-only PAC-MEN event for local realtors, Citizens for Cash featured a lengthy talk on how Boone had plenty of water and needed to be exporting it out of the town limits to further the development plans of those wishing to crush the Boone Town Council.

Their claim is that their candidates can "manage" Boone so much better! Well, ordinarily good management begins with at least a finger-and-thumb grip on reality.

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