Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Ready for Prime Time

Sen. Fred "Wake Me When It's Over" Thompson is turning out to be an even dimmer bulb than El Presidente. He obviously does better on a TV set with a script, followed by heavy editing. Trouble with campaigning for president is that so much of it is ad hoc, think on your feet, pretend you have deep knowledge of stuff you've never heard of and are too lazy to study up on.

A majority (apparently) of N.C. Republicans think they want this guy as their presidential candidate? More power to 'em.

Meanwhile, there's this lesson in how NOT to handle your coming out as a Democratic candidate. Don't know this guy who says he wants to take on Congressman Howard Coble (NC-6), but he needed some help in his campaign announcement. As in, maybe don't announce a campaign against a 12-term Republican incumbent by embracing the incumbent's issues and even going him one better with that comment about "the good Mexicans." Yikes.

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