Friday, September 14, 2007

Marching Orders

The ASU student newspaper, fresh off its triumphant squelching of any news that might undermine (a) the Chancellor or (b) the SGA President publishes an editorial bemoaning the low student turn-out for the on-campus candidate forum last Monday.

Why won't students get involved?

The subtext is a little more complicated: Why won't students allow themselves to be manipulated by their SGA President into voting for the PAC-endorsed Four Horsemen (of the Apoplexy?).

The SGA President signed on with the Templeton bunch last summer, for reasons best known to himself, and perhaps made representations that he could single-handedly deliver a bloc of student votes to the local Republican machine. Now his ego is all tied up in this contest to the point that he tries to bully the College Democrats into following his orders.

The Appalachian editorial is an emotional cry that maybe everything ain't going as well as he'd planned.

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