Sunday, September 30, 2007

Their Deeds Speak as Loudly as Their Words

Passing unnoticed in Kathleen McFadden's wrap-up article on the Boone Town Council elections was this significant passage:

"...Some of the [Citizens for Change] endorsed candidates were initially asked to sign a pledge to uphold the PAC position if they were elected, but according to PAC Chair Jeff Templeton, the PAC withdrew the request when some candidates and campaign treasurers objected...."

Let's be clear: candidates Tim Wilson, Stephen Phillips, Ethan Dodson, and Dempsey Wilcox were asked to sign loyalty oaths, swearing fealty to Team Templeton. Some evidently objected, and the pledging of allegiance to Big Money and Bully Boy tactics was suspended because reporter Kathleen McFadden began looking into it. News of these loyalty oaths leaked, McFadden began asking questions, and the demands for loyalty ceased (at least temporarily, and for outward appearances).

Be assured, if they're able to get their chums into power, Templeton will demand their absolute obeisance to his will (or a pound of flesh, if necessary). Once a bully, always a bully ... until someone stands up to the bullying. And who of that team of four do you envision standing up for anything outside the narrow set of Templeton interests?

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