Monday, August 27, 2007

Thompson a Turnoff in Indiana

Apparently, Ole Fred emits no quality more than lack of interest.

At the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in Indianapolis over the weekend, "many of the party activists attending the conference from a dozen heartland states said they were seriously turned off by what they saw as Thompson's ambivalence about whether to run months after other presidential hopefuls have been hard at it."

Senator Low-Wattage.

"Joan Wright, 79, wondered whether Thompson is lazy or egotistical." Maybe both?

Here's an example of how lazy he is. "He talks about going back to the basics. Putting God first in our country," said Jeff Cardwell, 47, a conservative Christian lumber and hardware retailer. That's the equivalent of Republican paint-by-the-numbers ... as though we haven't had a belly full of b.s. fake piety for the last eight years!

Somebody, eventually, is going to start asking, "Where's the beef?"

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