Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning Dee-Lights: His Capacious Butt in Our Rear-View Mirror

Tol-ja so.

Rep. Patty McHenry of the NC-10 is facing the voters in a town hall meeting in Newland this evening and has laid out a schedule of additional town-halls throughout his district. Madam Foxx? Yoo-hoo!

Apparently, some Republican running for president has dropped out of the contest. No one seems to know his name nor what he looked like. We've got a team of crack investigators looking into the disappearance.

Speaking of Republicans running for president: the Stepford pol, Mitt Romney, spent a couple million dollars technically "winning" the Iowa straw poll on Saturday, yet it's 2nd-place finisher Mike Huckabee that everyone's talking about. Add a chapter to Romney's book (previous chapters include "Don't Claim You're a Good Ole Boy Gun Nut When You're Not," "Don't Claim You've Always Been Anti-Abortion When It Can Be Proven Otherwise," "Don't Tie Your Irish Setter To the Roof of Your Car," "Don't Claim That Campaigning for You Is the Equivalent of Going to War in Iraq") ... "Don't Spend So Much Money Ginning Up Support That You Make the Poor Candidates All Look Better."

More evidence that right-wingers think the Innertubes is mainly ALL RANTING ALL THE TIME, and that blue & red print on a black screen will hide bad grammar and faulty typing. (Thanks, Screwy)

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