Thursday, August 23, 2007

Charlie Taylor Causing Republican Heartburn

In the NC-11, recently unseated Republican Congressman Charles Taylor is prompting some blistering acid reflux, especially among Republican activists in Henderson County. They wrote Taylor a letter asking him to say whether he planned a rematch in 2008 with Health Shuler, since there's at least one Republican state senator in Henderson who's itching to take on Shuler, if Taylor doesn't run.

Taylor's reply: "Thank you for your letter. Have a nice day." Words to that effect.

It would be a tremendous boost to Shuler's future life in politics if Taylor got out of his current semi-recumbent posture and ran against him. Nobody symbolizes the politics of the past like Taylor does, and if 2008 is to be a "change" election, then the NC-11 Republicans will all go down with Taylor's ship.

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