Friday, August 03, 2007

Rich Guys Strike Back

The big-developer anti-zoning group in Boone, "Citizens for Change," registered in Raleigh as a Political Action Committee on July 18th (Reba Moretz, treasurer), and they have picked their slate of candidates to up-end Boone, to throw out the progressive Town Council and mayor, and to get themselves into the driver's seat.

They've endorsed Tim Wilson for mayor and Stephen Phillips, Dempsey Wilcox, and the ASU student Justin Dodson for Boone Town Council.

Former County Commissioner and failed Republican candidate for N.C. Senate David Blust conducted the interviews at the endorsement meeting. Apparently, the group filed its papers to form a PAC in Raleigh, rather than locally, because they're leaving an option open to endorse Blust next year if he decides to try again for the N.C. Senate (a strictly local PAC would be restricted from involving itself in a district race).

NOTE: The link above to Reba Moretz's filing paper as treasurer of Citizens for Change has been fixed.

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