Monday, August 06, 2007

Huckabee Hints at Third-Party Run

Apparently, the thought of pro-choice Rudy Giuliani as the Republican presidential nominee is just too much for Mike Huckabee, who's started dropping hints that he's willing to carry his abortion dogma into the mouth of the furnace.

We want to encourage him in that.

And applaud him for these following sentences but wonder where he's been for the last 6 and a half years:
"It is not our job -- and I speak now as a pastor to pastors -- it is not our job to be the king's friend. It is our job to be the king's greatest fear. We are to speak the truth to power .... I so fear that we will lose the Nathans of the world who say to the Davids, 'Thou art the man,' and rather say, 'You da man!' .... We'd best be careful that we don't become so enamored with the invitation to the nice events, with the ability to be photographed with people in positions of power and influence, that we forget it is not our duty to be their best friend."
Can't help noticing that while Huckabee's God can be awfully insistent about sexual activities, He's been awfully silent (Bergmanesque, even) about our engaging in preemptive warfare, in torture, and in the subversion of the Constitution, silent, at least, so far as mouthpieces like Rev. Huckabee is concerned.

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