Friday, August 24, 2007

Seeing Past Our Butt (Roast)

Clearly, Boone is not the only municipality where big developers and other special interests are serving up equal platefuls of propaganda and pig flesh in order to (1) influence elections and (2) push back any rules that make life less free-wheeling for themselves.

For example, the "Triangle Community Coalition," which sounds like it might be a communal food org but is in reality a well-heeled political action committee of real estate developers, hosted a pig pickin at the Brier Creek Country Club in North Raleigh and invited municipal candidates from many surrounding towns to come toe-dance for their entertainment.

Many of the candidates who showed up sported an 'R' after their name and "offered a pro-growth platform that stressed no new taxes, impact fees or transfer fees." Why, it was positively difficult to distinguish the menu meats from the candidates.

Public sentiment, however, would seem to be leaning the other way, toward sensible controls on growth for the sake of everyone's future.

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