Wednesday, August 15, 2007

'How Much Time Should She Serve?'

This video about anti-choice picketers in Illinois is revealing. The interviewer asks several of them, mostly women, whether abortion should be legal or illegal. They're in total agreement that it should be illegal. (Hey! That's why they're standing on an Illinois street holding up giant posters of aborted fetuses.) But then the interviewer asks, if abortion becomes illegal, how much jail time should a woman get for having an illegal abortion. Most of the anti-choice crowd is stumped by that one, but clearly the majority think criminal punishment for such a woman goes too far. (One woman does allow as how maybe life in prison would be appropriate.)

The interviewer keeps pressing: Shouldn't there be punishment for crime? What other criminalized behavior is tolerated without penalty in our society?

One might justifiably describe the expressions on these people's faces as dumbfounded ... as they face the logic of their own agendas.

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