Monday, July 09, 2007

Yak On

Just spent hours driving late last week, so we got a good dose of right-wing talk radio. It put the dogs to sleep in the back seat, but I listened to those gentlemen good.

According to this a.m.'s N&O, of 257 talk-radio stations, 92 percent of them do not broadcast a single minute of liberal talk. That means that on approximately 244 talk-radio stations, there's currently 100 percent scorn for Americans not willing to lay waste in the name of the Lord, and personally, I find that educational. Let's me know where we stand with approximately 32 percent of the voting public.

The N&O story referenced above is a longish piece about the debate Sen. Trent Lott started about bringing back the "fairness doctrine," which imposed on radio stations, the ones blasting political opinion at least, an obligation to give equal time to opposing viewpoints.

Guess what? I'm agin the fairness doctrine.

I'd treat talk radio the same way I've treated high fevers. Better to let them fulminate and boil the germs in their own steam. Too many people want to take aspirin, or worse, antibiotic, too quickly for every little thing.

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