Monday, July 23, 2007

Crummie Doctoring in Raleigh

The state legislature has a "Doctor of the Day" program (and a "Nurse of the Day" too), wherein physicians from around the state go to Raleigh and self-consciously hang out on-call in the state legislature for anything medical that happens, from nose-bleeds to heart attacks.

Doctors of the Day are warned not to do or say anything political, but Dr. Bob Crummie of Rutherfordton took his opportunity last Tuesday to hand out free copies of a book he wrote, "Dr. Bob's Grocery Store Medicine and Healthy Life Anecdotes." Among other remedies advocated in Dr. Bob's tome are the generous ministration of lobotomies and the use of electric shock to cure homosexuality, which in Crummie's view is a character disorder. And, oh, by the way, schizophrenia is caused by mothers. No, really.

Granted, the state budget might be advanced if Dr. Nutso were turned loose with scalpel and/or high voltages administrated cranially, though we'll settle for muddling through.

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