Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mitt McBlowdry Goes After Fred 'Lazybones' Thompson

John Dickerson in Slate tracks Mitt Romney's planned operation against ex-Sen. Fred Thompson for the hearts & minds [sic] of conservative Republicans in the race for the presidential nomination.

The Inauthentic girding for battle against The Purely Theatrical.

Romney doesn't have that much practice with firearms, obviously, plus Ole Fred refuses to present himself as a target, preferring to lie back in the Tennessee weeds and put off his announcement until he has impressive fundraising totals to share with his celebrity-obsessed acolytes.

Plus we're betting that Romney hasn't got the red-meat instincts to really go after Thompson. Dickerson writes that Romney is "miffed" at Thompson's (undeclared) candidacy. He's peeved that Thompson is "coasting" to the nomination. Miffed? Yeah, that about sums up the over-groomed politico from Massachusetts ... Mr. Miffed Romney.

Thompson will clean his clock, if Romney has a clock to be cleaned.

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