Saturday, January 20, 2007


In an article in today's N&O about the impending reelection of Jerry Meek as chair of the NC Democratic Party, there's a nice little shout-out to Watauga, in the context of a discussion of the positive change Meek has brought to the statewide party:

One such county was Watauga, home to the college town of Boone. Even though registered Republicans outnumber Democrats, the county elected a completely Democratic county board of commissioners and a Democratic sheriff, and helped elect two new Democrats to the legislature.

Diane Tilson, the Watauga County Democratic chairwoman, said a strong local effort was aided by the state party, which provided regular consultation as well as other help such as voter information and helping plan a roadside advertising campaign.

"I do know that Jerry has been very hands-on," Tilson said.

Otherwise, there's very little in this article to indicate that anyone in NC's mainstream press really gets what's happening out here on the ground, beyond the Capitol beltway. And frankly, my dears, we'd like to keep it that way.

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